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Id tap that – Erin Burnett

Posted by Laurence on March 26, 2009

A FirstChild pick

It’s a global credit crisis and recession, in case you hadn’t noticed. And what better than to keep up to date with some pillow talk. That’s right, I cant think of anything better than whispered sweet nothings like, “Can you believe the banks paid out $400bn in dividends and bonuses in the midst of the crisis, that’s where the tax dollars went”. Or “did you see the yield on Treasury’s yesterday?” and “how about where iTraxx (TM) was today”. That’s right, I’m talking about CNBC’s Erin Burnett…

Here she is on the cover of Maxim:

and cute and feisty:

Oh no, look where the Dow is

Oh no, look where the Dow is

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