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The May Poll Is Up

Posted by lanktank on June 5, 2009

Time to vote again!

And this month, I really don’t know who it’s going to be?

The Guys on the poll: Will it be an accomplished, oscar winning actor, a sexy soccer legend, perhaps a serious but oh so hot super hero? Or will it be the good looking, “Mr Perfect” brain surgeon?

And the Girls: A largely-breasted super model, a young teen comedian all grown up, maybe the Transformers girl (and voted sexiest female by some magazine). Or will it be the brains and the beauty combo, Harvard graduate and actress?

You decide…. on the Take Your Pick Page.

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Almost time for May…

Posted by lanktank on May 28, 2009

Voting that is!

Next week the polls will be up and the competition stiffer than ever to see who will win BEST PICK of the hotties.

In light of that, April winners have yet to be announced…… and they are…. (I have inputted dots to create suspense)…………………..

DMeister, again, with 67% of the vote, for his choice of Alessandra Ambrosio!

And Moi, LT, with Chris Cornell….70% baby! See, we all love bad ass rockers.

I swear I’m not rigging this. I must have a gift.

And well done to DMeister…again! I guess he knows what the masses want.

So please, get a votin’ next week, if you have a favourite, you gotta vote for it. Go to the Take Your Pick page and pick  – easy as that!

On a more positive note; my exam is written – I can now go out and get drunk.


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