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On jokes in bad taste

Posted by Laurence on July 7, 2009

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We here at the Tank were big Micheal Jackson fans. We are that age. And we were a little upset by people’s responses to his sad passing. For a start, there was just not enough break for the jokes. In some cases it was just a couple of hours. Too soon! And you know those jokes were recycled. Like the playstation one. Not only was it in poor taste, but “they” (the joke makers) didnt even update it to be an xbox 360 or a wii. Lazy. There is a tradeoff between poor taste and funniness. The funnier, the more poor taste you are allowed. Another thing, already the conspiracy theories have started. Its wrong. Our recommendation is that you’re meant to wait at least a week for the jokes, and a month for the conspiracy theories. Basics.

A different issue is everyone forgetting about Iran. Like, oh well, maybe we’ll get ’em next time (yeah you, Ahmadi-Nejad, what’s the deal with the hyphenation everyone is doing now anyway??). Yeah ok, we see you guys in green are getting beaten, locked up without charge, murdered etc, but hello, world’s biggest selling popstar is dead. And allegedly from a medication addiction… We’re shocked. Shocked!

Anyway,respect to MJ for great music, and breaking racial barriers. We are sad for the  molestation charges, and all the other problems. This was a tragic life, and people have responded to his death in very different ways based often on the meaning of his music in their own lives. Everyone gets to have their own view on the veracity of the charges he faced, the manner in which he conducted his life, the importance of his music, and the meaning of his career.  Provided you’re not in a country like Iran, of course. Cause then your view better be state-approved. Anyway, no-one can deny that for many there aint no sunshine now he’s gone.

Here’s a classic

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