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Anyone else? #11

Posted by lanktank on August 13, 2009

Anyone else ever get so deep into thought that by the time you’ve snapped out of it, you’re totally staring directly at someone else, who is angrily looking back at you like, “Hey, what the hell? Piss off already.” And now they think you’re a complete stalker or weirdo?

Anyone else really loving James Morrison at the moment? Is that not cool to confess? I’m not sure whether James Morrison falls under those musicians you’re not publicly allowed to admit you like?

Anyone else try the new Milo cereal? The bomb, right?

Anyone else feel like tequila?

Anyone else biting their nail as they read this?

Anyone else got something stuck on their eye but no matter how hard they try they cannot get it out? I know you’re in there “thing!!” Just come out already!!!

Anyone else even try blinking their eye in an egg holder cup filled with water? And still nothing?

Anyone else still reading this?

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Anyone else? #10

Posted by lanktank on July 16, 2009

Anyone else have a fly in their office that they can’t kill? Sorry, I mean, let out of the window?

Anyone else think the SARS e-Filing website is the bomb?

Anyone else still watching the TV series Lost, or is it just me and my dad?

Anyone else ever thought about dipping their face in a bowl of melted chocolate (but it’s not hot, just warm)?

Anyone else thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn’t have to wait so long.
And wouldn’t it be nice to live together, in the kind of world where we belong…”

Anyone else drinking excessive amounts of tea at work in order to pass the time?

Anyone else starting to really enjoy every single industry you can think of striking? Again?

Anyone else know the group who sang that song, 3 “Anyone else’s” up?

Anyone else tried the new Milo cereal? Their Grrrrrreat! No, that’s the wrong cereal brand.

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Sweet Moses Monday

Posted by lanktank on April 6, 2009

My God this has been a shite worthy day. You know I’m not one to bitch, but really….shite.

It started off with me waking up to discover a bright red chaub on my nose. Not on the side, or in the corner…the very middle and tip of my nose! We’re talking complete symmetry here. You could use this zit as a divider to split my face in exactly half.

Then I got to work and was shouted at for not doing something I had no idea I was meant to do. I spent the entire day figuring out what I had apparently done wrong.

After the strain of that, I get home, sit on the couch to get ready for an episode of Grey’s, only to catch the end of Idols. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help noticing that Lendel and Graeme are still there! Uh, hadn’t we decided that were FanFreakin Awful? What are they still doing there….Jesus South Africa get it together. This incident, along with Zuma charges being dropped and the cafe not having Fat Free Milk in stock has sooo000 bummed this day out for me.

And to top it all off, Grey’s sucked balls. What the hell is going on with Izzy and Denny? Sweet Moses smell the roses, this show is losing the plot. In fact, I’m almost considering changing the channel and converting to Lost. That’s right, you heard me…Lost.

I’m off to make myself a cup of Milo (with 2% milk) and go to bed before I accidently kill a small puppy or something.

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Poll results for March for I’d Tap That

Posted by lanktank on March 25, 2009

So the votes are in! It was all pretty close but it looks like Kate Beckinsale has taken the cake! (Although she probably didn’t eat it, because you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Also with a body like hers, I doubt her personal trainer would allow her to even have a third of the cake).

Congrats to C-Dawg, who picked this beauty… it’s 1-nil to him guys, you other three better up your game. Oh! For all you “numbers and figures” people out there, she won by 40% of the vote.

In the meantime, the “Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed” poll for March is up… so go to the Take Your Pick page and get a-votin’ although I think it’s safe to say GND has this one in the bag with Milo from Heroes….that picture was a gem find. Biyatch!

But we don’t decide, you decide…just like in SA Idols… although in that case, can anyone say: “Maybe, possibly, just might be, rigged?”

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The Painting

Posted by lanktank on January 18, 2009

So FirstChild has gone back to New York. I must say I got quite used to having him back in town for a while. And although I was sad to see him go, some of the “family issues” that ressurected during his stay would probably have been better left untouched.

I think the major one that springs to mind was the argument over, The Painting…

When we were both still in Junior School, we both took Art, as it was compulsory. I think everything was compulsory back then. Often schools would hold an auction once a year, where the parent’s would have to go in the evening and purchase their childn’s artwork. It was a way of making money and for the child to get their picture back. Perhaps a little cruel on the school’s part but that’s how it worked.

As FirstChild is older than me, he had this auction evening first. As any good parents would do, M.O. and Dee went along and when it was FirstChild’s number, they purchased the painting of a bird, it was sold to them, they had it framed and it now hangs to this day, in full view for everyone to see, above the fire place in the study.

Let’s fast forward two years later. LT (not being the next Picasso, and is aware of it) has painted what she knows is the best thing she has ever and will ever produce again. Read the rest of this entry »

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