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Remember The Classics – Doom

Posted by lanktank on October 20, 2009

In the spirit of mosquitoes, bugs all creatures that prevented me from getting any sleep last night – During my hours of awaked-ness, I had a vivid memory of the old Doom advert they used to play on TV.

The one with the cowboy in Mexico… well, who knows where he actually was, but it was somewhere, seriously warm and desert-like. And I think he was wearing a poncho. Maybe that’s where I get the “Mexico” idea from. Is he also wearing a sombrero? I thought it was a cowboy hat?

Anyway, he’s sitting on the ground, leaning against some wooden shop. His head is titled down, and all you can see is his hat and little cigar. He’s trying to get some rest after a hard day’s work of horse-riding I presume. There’s not a breath of wind in the air and it’s almost completely silent, until the sound of a buzzing fly becomes almost unbearable.

Suddenly he launches up, draws a can of Doom out of his poncho and begins spraying the fly, with all the anger, intensity and concentration you’ve ever seen in your life.

He was pissed… and he showed that fly who was boss.

It was sooo cool.

It was a Doom advert hey?

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Attack of the mozzies!

Posted by lanktank on October 19, 2009

Has anyone else noticed the mutation of mosquitoes lately? They’re enormous! And when they fly past I’m pretty sure I can hear them screaming abusive insults at me… “I’m coming to eat you later! And it’s going to be on your face so it’ll be real embarrassing at work! Biyatch!” or… “Why don’t you get off your lazy ass and exercise! Biyatch!” and also… “That top you’re wearing looks stupid! Biyatch!”

I’m telling you, mosquitoes are mutating, into bigger, smarter, meaner creatures and even more annoying than we could ever imagine.

I hate them… I hate them so much. And they sense this… that’s why they’re coming for me first.

Take care all, and Godspeed.

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