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District 9: The Review

Posted by lanktank on September 1, 2009

After two trailers and one post in anticipation for the movie, it has finally arrived in South Africa. District 9: The first South African movie to reach number one in America. In fact, isn’t it the first South African movie to reach America, period?

So, you think to yourself, “Wow, making it to number one in the States that means it’s got to be good!” And then you remember, “Oooh, but so did Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and you go back to a feel of uncertainty.

Nevertheless, on Sunday afternoon Dmeister, Kappie and I moseyed along to the cinema, purchased our tickets and sat in a dim theatre waiting to be wowed….

And wowed, we certainly were.

From the opening credits, you’re completely hooked to the point where you don’t want to blink in case you miss something. It literally has your attention from the first moment we lay eyes on our main star of the movie, Wikus van der Merwe, played by Sharlto Copley, who I have to say totally rocks the show!

I don’t really want to give the storyline away but very briefly: Aliens landed in Johannesburg 20 years ago and have been living in a settlement named “District 9” since then. Now people want them even further away from the city and a big movement plan has been put in place to ship the aliens from District 9 to District 10. Wikus van der Merwe is heading up this process but as you imagine, things go awry.

But it’s not what you expect; it’s so, so much more.

Not only is this a sci-fi thriller with an underlying, important political and social message… its funny! And also, it’s a real South African movie (ok, and international funding), with South African references and South African jokes which really makes it authentic. The special effects are first-rate and the aliens are awesome. There are the gory bits too and those moments that make your heart ache.

If I had to point out one, teeny, tiny thing that maybe was a little eh-hem… possibly a tad offensive to the Nigerians. And since this is a movie about Xenophobia, perhaps they could have thrown in one nice Nigerian, helper dude… but I guess every movie needs their “bad guys” and this time, they were it.

All the same, A MUST SEE!

It really is a goodie.

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Wands at the ready

Posted by Carl Schutte on August 11, 2009

Right, so let’s just get this over with shall we.

I went to go watch Harry Twathead & the Half-Boring Prince.

*spoiler alert* – (Note from LT – seriously, C-Dawg reveals the whole film here…)

Well, I think it’s safe to say that they ended things on a high note with Order of the Phoenix. Now I don’t believe IMDB any more because they give they gave this movie a higher rating than OOTP (Order of the Phoenix – for those outside the circle of magic). Oh shut-up, it’s no different from LOTR (Lord of the Rings)! Now where was I…

Phew, I really have so little to say about this movie. Again we see them start the movie with some adrenalin – we see the Death Eaters wreaking some chaos. On the topic of Death Eaters – I’ve decided that while the name sounds kind of cool, it’s actually pretty stupid, since at no point do any of them actually eat death. Death Attempters would probably be more accurate – Death Causers at a huge push.

Apparently Hermione is sleeping over at Ron’s these days & borrowing his toothbrush or something. I didn’t find it very funny, these kids are only like 15 and there’s so much sexual tension between the two of them. I don’t think these parents are very responsible to be letting them be playing sleepover. What kind of message are we trying to send to children?! “Yeah, it’s ok to bunk up with the chick you dig when you’re 15. It’s not sex if you don’t know what you’re doing…” I bet Rowling was quite the tramp back in her youth.

It seems like the whole movie is all about character development and their relationships. Ron & the nut-case he hooks up with, leaving Hermione in tears. Ginger & the token black dude, which leaves Harry in tears. I still say that Harry & Hermione should’ve just hooked up for that one drunken evening. The kind where you wake up feeling really awkward coz you’re not sure what kind of crazy sex you just had with your good girl friend. Both of you wake up not knowing if the other one thought it meant more than it actually did. My solution for avoiding all of this is to tell her she can’t stay over – just tell her you have to get up really early to work or something. She’s a good friend, she’ll understand and if she doesn’t, well, then she wasn’t really a good friend anyway, so good riddance. Apparently Rowling didn’t want this kind of realistic smut in her book.

There’s also a teleporting cabinet and a lot of potion making, which I find quite gay. Draco is supposed to feature a bit more in this movie, but he’s just such a wimp isn’t he, so Snape has to step in. The old guy dies & the movie ends shortly after that.

I’m told that the book is better and that they left out loads of stuff in the movie. You know what – I don’t care! The whole franchise has been one big let down for me. I’m going to watch the movies and then that’s it, I’m moving on. I’m not going to waste my time reading the bloody books. Furthermore, whilst we’re on the topic, if one person even mentions Twilight, Stephanie Meyer, the movie or the books, I’m going to punch them in the face. Vampire romance – I can’t think of a worse bastardisation of the Vampire theme.

OK, I need a drink to settle my nerves. This has been an emotional post.

C-Dawg out…

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The Hangover Review

Posted by lanktank on June 22, 2009

It’s a Saturday evening and myself and DMeister are still insanely hungover from the night before. Let’s just say not eating supper before going to a free wine tasting festival…still not a good idea.

So, being lame and hungover we thought it fitting to go see a movie called “The Hangover.”

Please, let me just say right now…what…an….AWESOME…film. Truly hilarious. I think we began laughing from the start and didn’t stop until the end.

In case you’re not sure what this movie is about, let me give you a brief description: Four guys go to Vegas for the one guy’s Bachelor Party….and they lose the groom a day before the wedding. The three main actors (Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis) are truly amazing and hilarious and I usually hate amping movies up because they are always inevitably a let down but I do not think you will be disappointed.

The movie is from the same director as “Old School” and if I were to make a comparison I’d say it’s as ground breaking as “Old School” was when it came out 6 years ago. Humor has evolved and changed over the years and this movie finds that new genre of comedy which I think we’ve all been waiting for. (Am I sounding pretentious? Or like I’m trying to be smart but not pulling it off?)

Whatever ok! It’s funny…so go see it!

Here’s  peak at the trailer… and although it’s funny, it still doesn’t do the movie justice:

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