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Anyone else? #16

Posted by lanktank on December 14, 2009

Anyone else notice that all three members of the Sugarbabes are entirely different to the original three girls which started the group in the beginning?

Anyone else care?

Anyone else cannot believe it is already December and so nearly Christmas?

Anyone else over that disbelief?

Anyone else know what they doing for New Years?

Anyone else not even thought about New Years?

Anyone else working the whole if December?

Anyone else allergic to cats?

Anyone else wanna party like it’s their b-day?

Go Shorty.

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Exams are over

Posted by lanktank on November 2, 2009

But my hangover is not.

It was DMeister’s birthday party and he had a little shindig (is that how you spell “shindig?” Am I even saying it right?) at his place.

There was a lethal punch, too much tequilla (I just paused. I need a moment, even just to type the word), beer pong and a very hairy mustache.

Night was awesome…. well, what’s remembered of it anyway.

Kappie and C-Dawg were also there. I remember at the beginning of the night, C-Dawg mentioning that he couldn’t stay late because he had an assignment due… then I also remember hours later being on the same beer pong team as him.

DMeister is still man down… it’s nearly 24 hours later.

Good times.

Something rad for a Monday:


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Wedding Watching

Posted by lanktank on March 24, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by Kappie

Last Saturday LT, D-Meister and I had a wedding out in Franschoek. Knowing the drive was long and that we didn’t have a place to stay, Kappie decided to step up to the plate and drive.

It felt good…surprisingly. All I did was just sit back, relax and enjoy all the other peoples’ antics. There were some good ones, but first off straight after the wedding a small toddler… yes, toddler, needed to be fed and the mother was not shy to feed it in front of everyone at the reception. Now, I’m all for boobs, but there’s something mildly uncomfortable about a boob being used for what it was originally designed for. This of course didn’t stop a snappy guest trying to steal a photo of this natural happening, but all that came out was some blurry people constantly getting in the way…not that I took the photo or anything.

Moving on to the starter at the dinner table, I had no idea what to make of it. There were some weird looking leaves that looked like they were picked from my garden in a salad slash biltong dish. Not to mention a ball of doughy stuff as well as a soup bowl the size of a shooter glass that I thought was salad dressing. To top it, there was some actual corn flakes; you can imagine my surprise when there was no milk and sugar.

Other than that, the wedding was really great. The beer was flowing (although I had no part of it) and then the dance-floor opened up. This is when things got tricky for some. The DJ’s mistake was when he had drums, shakers and tambourines and let everyone play with them to the music. This turned mainly into interpretative dance because no one had good rhythm or coordination and you know things are getting bad when D-Meister is trying to coach someone on the drums. Just when the dance-floor was getting at its busiest, a secretive guest decided to let rip with the vilest smelling fart I have ever smelt dispersed itself among us. I thought the roof of the building was going to fly off.

After much more dancing and gassing, the time had come to make the long trip home. Loading LT and D-Meister in the car only took 30 minutes and as soon as LT hit the seat she was fast asleep. D-Meister was a trooper until he found the seat-belt, made a pretty good semi-hammock with it and fell asleep with his body leaning forward while the seat belt caught and supported him.And there he rocked.

This left me with only one thing to do; sing…

On the road again. Oh, I just can’t wait to be on the road again…

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