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X & Y

Posted by lanktank on August 18, 2009

By Kappie

Actual conversations with actual people.

Office talk about girls

“The minute I had to go with my girlfriend to a therapist after the first month of dating, I knew she wasn’t the one for me.”

Trying to ‘hook’ a brother up

“My girlfriend has a nice single friend for you…Oh, wait. She’s way too successful for you.”

My lips are sealed

“We had this argument and she wanted to know who told me all those things, so I told her I wasn’t going to…I did though.”

“Well, you’re a real ‘vault’, aren’t you?”

An angered work colleague screams out and receives an answer

“I’m a real dickhead!”

“Well, you are what you eat.”

Water in aisle M please

“Could you go buy me some water?”

“No.” Shoves sour sweets in her mouth and proceeds to choke

“Bet you wish you went now, don’t you?”

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The May Poll Is Up

Posted by lanktank on June 5, 2009

Time to vote again!

And this month, I really don’t know who it’s going to be?

The Guys on the poll: Will it be an accomplished, oscar winning actor, a sexy soccer legend, perhaps a serious but oh so hot super hero? Or will it be the good looking, “Mr Perfect” brain surgeon?

And the Girls: A largely-breasted super model, a young teen comedian all grown up, maybe the Transformers girl (and voted sexiest female by some magazine). Or will it be the brains and the beauty combo, Harvard graduate and actress?

You decide…. on the Take Your Pick Page.

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