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I’d tap that – Kelly Monaco

Posted by DMeister on June 11, 2009

A DMeister pick

Okay here it is again, I’d tap that. Todays lovely young lady is…Kelly Monaco. If you can’t remember the name, think Principality of Monaco, but much hotter, and nicer to look at.

Her details are: Bust: 34D Waist: 21½ Hips: 31½ (So says Wikipedia) and she’s a actress, model, dancer… like any of that matters…Enjoy!

Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

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I’d tap that – Natalie Portman

Posted by Laurence on June 4, 2009

This is a FirstChild pick

It’s time for everyone’s favourite segment – coarse as it is. Who is the (un)lucky lady this week? None other than Harvard graduate, Time magazine contributor and mother of Luke Skywalker; Natalie Portman.  She’s beautiful, intelligent, has a social conscience and she can rap (well, sort of). I certainly would, wouldn’t you.

sleepy from all that studying at Harvard

sleepy from all that studying at Harvard

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I’d tap that – Britney Spears

Posted by lanktank on April 16, 2009

This is a Kappie pick

Okay, so this time I went with someone who has more than likely traded her house in for a trailer but hey, I think she can still make the cut. And not to mention everyone loves a comeback. This is why I have chosen none other than cute school girl, sex symbol, white trashy and up and up Britney Spears.

This may be an outdated photo of her…but damn! Jimbo once told me he ‘speared’ her but I don’t really think he did. We would have seen a video of it by now surely?


Check out the March results for Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed & I’d tap that tomorrow – You still have one more day to vote on the Take Your Pick page!! Who’s pick is gonna win?

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