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Some Favourite Party Tricks

Posted by lanktank on July 9, 2009

A blog entry by Kappie

Everybody knows that in order to have a really good party there needs to be booze first of all and of course, the opposite sex. Dancing is a good addition to have any excuse to get closer to the opposite sex, but I prefer a good old wholesome game of Twister… Naked Twister!

Now, there are lots of different ‘roles’ you can play at parties. You could be the centre of attention, which leaves less time to get up to mischief seeing as people are more likely to notice you’re missing and likely to look for you. You could be the quiet person in the corner who observes and might take the odd photo to use as leverage on whoever doing whatever. You may find yourself being the person who never leaves the drinks table or bar and probably ends up tilting it over after your 8th tequila shot.

Whoever your character is at parties, I’ll bet you have some tricks up your sleeve that only come out at parties. I’d like to share some of mine and hear some of yours.

If you’re going to a party where nobody knows you and has no idea of how you got invited in the first place, using a different name should be top of your list. This way, once you’ve managed to some how light the couch on fire, your real name won’t be tarnished.

You’re stuck at a party where there’s no ‘punch’ in the punch – a hip flask filled with your favourite whiskey should console you.

Tripping the lights is always a good way to cause some midnight chaos and even grab a quick kiss from the good looking person next to you. This may call for a helper who has agreed to trip the lights while you cleverly position yourself.

No matter how tempting that Jacuzzi looks…DO NOT get in. Many a rash has come from an ‘innocent’ little swim. If you want to somehow get involved in the Jacuzzi try throwing a box of washing powder in and see how those bubbles rise to the sky. It’s glorious.

Telling people that you have a rare and prestigious job helps in attracting more attention to yourself too. This may entail some research, but if it’s a really bizarre job you can normally wing it and people won’t question you.

If you have anymore potentially useful tricks that I could use…I mean Lank Tank could write about, feel free to tell us.

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Posted by lanktank on May 27, 2009

A Kappie find

Photo-bombing is one thing, but that’s not really where it’s at to be dubbed an absolute asshole just yet. Here’s how you do it for real-zees AND in public!!!

Trust the Aussies hey! Wait, it’s just given me an idea…

An LT note: It’s kinda long but it does get uber-funny. I just can’t believe the extent he gets away with it… it is quite legendary.

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Table Mountain Thunderstorm

Posted by DMeister on May 25, 2009

A DMeister entry

These photo’s were doing the rounds, so I thought that I’d post what I thought was the best one.

It’s the lightning storm in Cape Town.

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Night Scenes

Posted by lanktank on May 12, 2009

Ok, so I know I don’t usually get this cheesy but I stumbled on this site and I think it’s aMAzing.

It’s photos! 100 Beautiful Night Scenes. Now I know what you’re thinking, who has the time or attention span to scroll through 100 photo’s? I can barely get through my friend’s weekly Bristol email… “And then I decided to go with the Nokia N96 but the N95 comes with a music edition…” Um ya; SCROLLING TIME!

However, this is an enjoyable scroll and it’s just pictures. None of those pesky words and sentences, like what I’m writing now. You can also choose to look at them while doing another activity. For example, I chose to glance at them while watching House. House is generally not a TV show you need to pay full attention to so it was perfect. Although this is actually quite a cool episode… House and some patients are being held hostage. It’s all getting rather intense.

Anyway, the point is, sometimes it’s nice just to look at beautiful pictures of the world.

Queue the violins!

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It’s so pretty

Posted by lanktank on January 27, 2009

Checks out these coolio Cape Town photo links…

I love it when the essence of a place where you live is captured… Makes you remember, “Oh ya, this isn’t a shite hole. And, my life isn’t always this shite…hole. Sometimes, I don’t feel like a shite hole… hole”

I think I’ve emphasised my point.

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