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Posted by lanktank on November 27, 2009

YAY People! Friday! And you know what that means… tomorrow is Saturday! WOOHOO!

I’m going to eat a burger this weekend.

I’m going skydiving this weekend.

I’m meeting Oprah this weekend.

I’m joining the Free Masons this weekend.

I’m selling Lemonade this weekend.

I’m hunting a shark this weekend.

I’m swimming the English Channel this weekend.

I’m making a paper plane this weekend.

I’m lying a lot about what I’m doing this weekend…. eating the burger may happen. I can’t guarantee the rest. Even my paper planes are shite.

But its weekend!!! And I have Monday off. WOOHOO! It’s the little things, I know.

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What’s the crew getting up to for Valentine’s Day: Part 2

Posted by lanktank on February 11, 2009

This time it’s Kappie and GND, what are they planning this February the 14th…


Bullsh*t for my Valentine

Valentine’s Day is this Saturday and I think we all know what that means. Of course, single ladies looking to party and Jimbo and I have the perfect plan.

You may or may not have heard of a type of party known as the ‘traffic party’. Jimbo calls it the ‘traffic party’ because he says his bedroom will be like a main intersection but with girls instead of cars. For now I’ll just stick to the real meaning: Three colours may only be worn to this party. Red if you’re in a relationship, yellow or orange for it’s a Facebook “complicated” and green for single to mingle…just like C-Dawg for the rest of his single little life.

A popular club in Kenilworth has a ‘traffic party’ every year and Jimbo and I have finally decided to test the waters with a devilish plan, if I do say so myself. We are going to wear ALL three colours in case different scenarios arise. I’ll be using the green shirt primarily to get myself out there and then cleverly change to red if I get a level three cling-on who doesn’t understand I’m not her ‘pookie’. Oh and the yellow one is my particular favourite. The yellow will be used on those tough nuts to crack and will allow me to play the sensitive guy. I imagine something along these lines will surely take place:

Kappie: (acting sad, emotionally strained and puppy eyed)

Girl #43: “Why so down?”

Kappie: “Just leave me alone.”

Girl #43: (intrigued by my abruptness) “What’s the matter?”

Kappie: “You won’t understand.”

Girl #43: “Try me.”

Kappie: “Well…it’s this girl I’m kind of seeing…I just don’t think she appreciates my feelings etc. etc. etc. blah, blah, blah”

She’ll follow by saying that she thinks I deserve someone who does appreciate me, while I ‘tear’ myself apart saying that I don’t think I do; all the more pulling her ever closer to this emotional trap.

Jimbo says it’s a full proof plan and I tend to agree with that, I mean what’s the worst that could happen?

And Girl Next Door?

GND will be joining the Black Hearts Club this Valentine’s Day. And not in a weird sadistic way, just play-play. Silly games. In fact I’ll have my hot, witty, well-built, intelligent boyfriend with an 8-pack waiting for me at home when I get back, obviously, but that’s beside the point. I choose to be with friends on this day. Friends who aren’t as lucky to have a love like I do.

Back to the point – we’ll be attending the Stormers game at Newlands this Saturday. And by we I mean my single friends. That constitutes approximately 6 of us. The rest of the crew have teamed up with their worse/better half and are going out for dinner / going away for the weekend / eating chocolate dessert off each other and the list goes on. Icky. I think I just got sick a little bit in my mouth.

It should be an interesting day, seeing as the last time I watched a bunch of big sweaty men run after a weirdly shaped ball was… well lets be honest… never. I’m not sure if you can tell but I don’t think I’m what you’d call a huge rugby fanatic.

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Valentine’s Day: What’s the crew getting up to: Part 1

Posted by lanktank on February 10, 2009

So… dare I say, the dreaded V-day is approaching us. Foreseeing some sort of joke anyone may suggest about that standing for Vagina Day (eh-hem Kappie), I’m talking about the one, the only, the very painful: Valentine’s Day.

No matter how much we try pretend that “it’s a nothing event on the calendar” and “it’s just something card companies make up to sell more… well, cards,” we still cannot deny that inevitably we end up doing something on this day.

Trying to get a feel for what everyone else’s vibe is for the day of the 14th (it being on a Saturday as well) I put the question to the crew: What are you guys doing for Valentine’s Day?


OK, so normally Valentine’s Day is a day that doesn’t even show up on my radar – I’m usually single.
However, this year I find myself in an awkward predicament. It all started this weekend…

I was down on Clifton 4th on Friday evening watching the sunset… magical, simply magical! Anyway, the lads & I proceeded on to La-Med.
Somehow we managed to secure a table by being in the right place, at the right time. My evening started to look up when two cute girls asked if they could squeeze onto the end of our table.

Anyway, long story short… I got the one girl’s number.
I strategically sent an SMS on Sat, before calling her on Sun.
I find that first sending an SMS helps build rapport, thus increasing your chances of them answering that first call.

So, she seems like a nice girl & we’re meeting up during the week.
Only one problem, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I barely know this girl – I can’t handle that kinda pressure. The way I see it I have 2 options, break up with her or actually do something romantic for Valentine’s Day.
Decisions, decisions…
You know what, normally I’d just call the whole thing off, but this is a new year, so I think I’ll do something thoughtful & romantic for a change.
I’ve got enough time to research on the internet for romantic ideas…

And FirstChild?

Nothing too extravagant planned. A quiet evening at home. I have some free online video lectures I’ve been meaning to watch. Something light, like basic probability with applications to machine learning. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a glass of red wine.

After the lectures, I think I might try and crank out a few problems. I might have some Godiva chocolate, a little present from myself to me. Maybe after the red wine and chocolate I might try and drunk-G-Chat FirstEx (“Ms Big”)  who is probably going to be out having fun with some new man.

Check out the others tomorrow….

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