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Happy Women’s Day

Posted by lanktank on August 9, 2009

Word to the Women! We rule and rock and other cool words!!!

There will be posts from Tuesday again, as I will be enjoying the public holiday tomorrow!!

Of course, I won’t actually because I have to do some shitty assignment which is totally sucking balls!

But let me not bore you with that… this is a happy day, time, era….

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Anyone else? #?

Posted by lanktank on June 10, 2009

Anyone else know what number I’m on?

Anyone else wake up at 3am with what I think was a pinched nerve in my shoulder?

Anyone else remember that game where you fold the paper and write messages in the flaps of the corners? Then you move your hands and make people pick a flap, where you read a usually rude messge to them?

Anyone else remember ingle angle silver bangle?

Anyone else completely forget that next Tuesday is a public holiday, then get reminded by someone and scream WOOHOO with excitement?

Anyone else still using WOOHOO and not conformed to new “Whoop Whoop” as previously discussed in an earlier blog entry? WOOHOO ’til I die mofo’s!

Anyone else on their way out now to drink beer?


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Anyone else? #6

Posted by lanktank on April 19, 2009

Anyone else still watching Grey’s Anatomy, but not sure why?

Anyone else feel like Monday’s are just always there? Like all the time… Monday, Monday, Monday! They’re almost like every week or something!

Anyone else feel like if Wednesday wasn’t a public holiday (even though it is a voting day), they would maybe have to jump off the Absa Building?

Anybody else watch that Susan Boyle YouTube clip in Britain’s Got Talent?

Anybody else starting to get a little worried that summer seriously might be over?

Anybody else heard the lyrics to that “Kiss me through the phone” song? Jesus… aren’t they bad? And how do you kiss someone through the phone? And are we talking tongue here?

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Anybody else? #4

Posted by lanktank on March 24, 2009

Anybody else feel like there’s always someone watching you, especially during the awkward times?

Anybody else try eat a salad gracefully but fail miserably every time? Maybe even get a little salad dressing on your T-shirt?

Anybody else voting this April?

Anybody else stoked its a public holiday that day?

Anybody else feel like doing the funky chicken? Me neither.

Anybody else ever check their phone because you’re positive you heard it beep but when you reach for it, it’s blank?

Anybody else seen the movie Watchmen and not think it was Shite? It wasn’t shite.

Anybody else ever think there’s still time to become really good at a particular sport, you know, one of those arbitary ones, and make the Olympics?

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