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Winners for August 2009

Posted by lanktank on October 6, 2009

It’s that time of the month again… no, not that ladies euphemism, but rather Winners of the Polls!

And the winner for The Guy Most People Wouldn’t Kick Outta Bed… for the month of August: Fabio Cannavaro.

I don’t believe it, the porno, oiled up, jock photo won and with 67% of the vote I might add. Well Done Luwie, but it’s only just begun! Time to up my game!

For the I’d Tap That poll for August, the winner… is a tie! 50% exactly. And the two lucky ladies are: Lucy Pinder and Rashida Jones. It seems half the men voters like the girl next door and the other half… really, really big boobs.

Congrats to our winners! September poll up shortly, will keep you posted!

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I’d tap that – Rashida Jones

Posted by Laurence on September 4, 2009

Now be honest. Waaay hotter than Pam. I mean what is Jim thinking? Seriously? ¬†And cute and funny and, I’m in love. I know she’s only a tv character but still, it’s all I have. ¬†Online video lectures, netflix on demand, and lots of cups of coffee. Sigh.

way hotter than Pam

way hotter than Pam

I mean, are we meant to believe in true love or something? Puke. Have you ever worked in an office with girls this hot? Didn’t think so.

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