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Thew it on the ground and Porcelain Fountains

Posted by lanktank on November 9, 2009

SNL at it’s pretty funniest:

Music video and a sketch.. all rolled into one:

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Anyone else #13

Posted by lanktank on September 23, 2009

Anyone else rip their entire nail on their finger…. off? (OK, it wasn’t the entire nail, but like half and that’s still gross).

Anyone else ever walk into a toilet cubicle and it stinks but you can’t turn back because the queue is really long. And then when you come out you make a comment like; “Man it’s bad in there!” Just to emphasise that it wasn’t you who made the smell so the next person who walks in afterwards doesn’t think it’s you and run back to all her friends to tell them while she points and laughs.

Anyone else braaing for Heritage Day? Actually I don’t know if I am doing that… maybe we should? Braai at my place tomorrow guys?

Anyone else watch The Proposal and think, “Not a great film, but man Ryan Reynolds is hot.”

Anyone else not watched Isidingo for a few weeks and now getting back into it but is frustrated because you don’t know who half the new people are or their storylines?

Anyone else have a work colleague who plays Michael Jackson non-stop from his PC all day long?

Anyone else ever wish Charlie’s Chocolate Factory really did exist? And think that maybe, somewhere, far far away, it does.

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Random Things

Posted by lanktank on September 8, 2009

District 9 had a budget of $30 million and was awesome. G.I. Joe had a budget of $175 million and was shit. This is one of those moments where you could say, “Money isn’t everything.”

Who would you rather be? Nicholas Cage in Conair or John Travolta in Face Off?

How many phones have you lost/dropped/broken so far in your life? Me: Four. I’m not proud.

Go and vote on the TAKE YOUR PICK PAGE!!!  Do it now, and then you can come back and finish reading this oh so stimulating blog post.

Why do people say “no offense” before they say something offensive and then get cross with you when you are, inevitably offended?

It’s meant to be spring yet we’re having worse weather than we did in winter. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Remember that show; 2 Guys a girl and a pizza place? Ah, Ryan Reynolds.

I’ve only just recently taken up singing in the shower.

If you had to own one as a pet, would you rather keep a penguin or an ostrich?

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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed: Ryan Reynolds

Posted by lanktank on February 4, 2009

This pick was done by GND

Ladies & boys… I bring a little sizzle for the both of you today. And by little I mean huge.

I’m not entirely sure I need to give an explanation for either of them. Lets just take a minute together…

ryan and scarlett

Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson – what a vibe

RyRy (he lets me call him that) is not only mind-blowingly hot, he’s also “one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met… he’s phenomenal” – this according to Hugh Jackman, one of Scarlett’s co-stars in The Prestige. I’m sorry, but this right here is a god among men.

Do I even need to try and convince you that Scarlet is the sauciest minx right now? Can we all agree they’re most positively the hottest married couple alive right now?

And moving on.


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