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Taxi Violence Review

Posted by DMeister on August 17, 2009

taxi violence

So it was the launch of the new Taxi Violence album, The Turn, at Mercury on Friday, in case you didn’t know.
If you missed it, then you missed out, it was awesome. I suppose that’s the reason they’re one of the best live bands currently on the South African music scene.

The night started out pretty normal, a couple of beers at my place, followed by some Tequila’s and Tequila, followed by more beers. It’s a vicious cycle really.
We decided to take a taxi there, following in the spirit of things and seeing that no one was offering to be the designated driver for the evening; that’s always a sign of things to come.
In retrospect I think I didn’t need to drink quite as much as I did. My heads still not a 100% and I think that I can still taste the tequila and Black label…mmm.

But anyway moving on. The new album is awesome, as was expected. I bought the CD as soon as I got there. Not the smartest thing because it meant that I( and by “I”, I actually mean LT) had to carry it around for the rest of the night.
The time between buying the CD and listening to the band was made up by me (Again, actually LT) trying to get the CD signed by each band member (The Drummer was the most elusive and in the end was the one name I didn’t get, I didn’t want to say it but I think that he might be a ninja… maybe) as well as some on stage antics from Paul Snodgrass. (You might know him from such favourites as South African wrestling on E-tv, and he’s a comedian, the list is endless).

Every time that I’ve watched them play I’ve been impressed. There’s always so much energy on stage and Friday was no different. There were a couple of guest stars there, including Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar) who did some backup singing on “Untie yourself”. I also spotted a few musicians from other bands there, this goes to show the support that they receive from their fans, and even other musos.

I got so into the music that eventually I had down my beer to go and join the other sweaty drunks at the front, for some jumping around while shouting out every lyric I could remember. It was awesome and my apologies to the girl who was unfortunate enough to be in front of me…Some one pushed me, I promise.

Taxi Violence have actually been playing their new tracks for a while now, so it’s nice to finally get them on a CD. In fact they’ve been playing them for so long I find myself singing to the songs on the album already.
So to sum it up: watch them, get the album, play it loud! What more is there!

If you haven’t heard of Taxi Violence, go check out their MySpace page, Taxi Violence

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