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Kick him in the Vuvuzelas!

Posted by lanktank on June 23, 2009

Check out this link:

Pay special attention to the column on the right which says: KICK HIM IN THE VUVUZELAS!

Read it, it’s gold!

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District 9: Awesomeness right here

Posted by lanktank on May 12, 2009

This is a trailer for District 9. I haven’t heard much about this movie at all. I’m not sure why they haven’t marketed more, or maybe they have and I’m just in an ostrich hole or something, but how cool does it look?

And SA peeps man! It’s also totally not what you’re expecting when you’re watching it. Awesomeness factor even more awesome.

Suggestion: Have a watch yeah?

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Remember the classics…or were they?

Posted by lanktank on April 9, 2009

I thought this week I’d mention some Ads, we’re probably looking at late 90’s early 00’s, that I loved but unfortunately have NO IDEA what they were advertising. It’s a pity…to have an advert that’s memorable but not the actual product. So would these be classified as classics? I’m not sure.

The first advert is set in a classroom of children. They all are taking turns saying what they want to be when they grow up. It gets to the one boy and as he stands up he says, “When I grow up I want to be a Pirate.”

The teacher interjects, saying, “Sorry Timmy (or whatever his name was), don’t you mean a Pilot?”

The boy responds defensively, “That’s what I said.” Followed by the entire class, chanting, “That’s what he said!”

What was that advertising? I can’t remember.

And I mean if we’re being honest, he did say Pirate, so I’m not sure whether him and the other kids had just inhaled a couple of grams of tik during lunch or they’re just a bunch of lying swine’s, who weren’t raised properly by their parents but nonetheless I’ll never forget… “That’s what he said!”

Another one which may or may not be classified as “classic” per se…

A couple are having lunch outside a restaurant when the woman see’s a car parked by the pavement and says to her boyfriend, “That’s a nice car.” At this point, Random Man walking past, interrupts, “Nice, nice? A cup of tea is nice. Mrs Robinson who lives across the street is nice…” followed by other things that are nice.

I can’t think of the rest now….if I were to make my own up, I’d say a single daisy blowing in a light breeze is nice, or hugging a small puppy is nice. Also, receiving a surprise sms from an old friend is nice (this never happens to me).

Anyway, then Random Man goes on to describe what the car really is, using words like “magnificent,” “luxurious” and “outstanding.” After he lectures the couple, leaving them stunned, he finishes off by saying… “use it, don’t use it…it’s entirely up to you.”

The reason why the advert was good was the delivery of Random Man’s sentences. The way he said “nice” was genius….”Nice, niiiiice???” And the phrase, “use it, don’t use it” is something I’ve heard many of us, S.A.’s say throughout the years… in the same tone and bantering manner as Random Man did in this very advert, all those years ago.

But… what car they were advertising?

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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Matt Damon

Posted by lanktank on March 11, 2009

A LT pick

Since he’s in the country, I felt he needed a mention: Matt Damon.

Great sense of humour, magic smile, a real guy’s guy and I think we can all agree after seeing the Bourne trilogy, as ripped as ever.

Now he’s playing Francois Pienaar in the Rugby 95 movie that is currently being filmed and directed by Clint Eastwood here in SA. I’m particularily looking forward to everyone’s accents.

matt damon 230807

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SA Idols Top Ten Review

Posted by lanktank on March 8, 2009

Everyone I know is talking about this year’s Idols (that’s a lie, no one I know is talking about it) but it’s still pretty big so I thought, a lot has progressed since my last entry on SA Idol’s 2009 and it’s about time for another.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I haven’t watched the show since my last entry a month ago. So I don’t have anyone in particular I like, or any history or pre-watching with these current contestants. All I know is that we’re down to the final top ten contestants and first up is a girl named:

1. Ntsepa: She seemed sweet and her voice was good. She’s also very pretty and probably a genuinely nice person. I didn’t think it was as amazing as what the judges did but enjoyable none the less.

2. Lendel: God I hate this song so much. He’s busy singing that “you are my, my, my, my lady… something” song. So unfortunate if someone picks a song that you can’t stand; you automatically favour that person less. Which is what has happened here: His voice isn’t THAT bad, but the song sucks, he keeps letting out these little yelps of excitement… “Woo! Hoo! Yoo!” and the way he keeps, signalling to the crowd to cheer louder: Annoying. And he just yelped again! He sounds like a tortured poodle. Stop it!

Now we get about 17 promo’s and sponsorships between singers performances. It’s not even done tastefully. Let’s cross over to this amazing spa and listen to the contestants talk about how great it is to be in the top ten while getting their eyebrows tinted.

3.  Sasha-Lee: I thought not bad but sort of phased out while M.O. and Dee were asking me if I’d heard of tonight’s M-Net 8pm movie and whether or not I liked it – until I suddenly became irritable and wasn’t sure why. Then I realised, it was Sasha-Lee, reaching the peak of the song… loud…too loud. A shite Celine Dion song choice too. Yuk.

4. Thembi: A Mariah Carey number, “You’ll always be my baby.” Everyone is picking the cheesiest, corniest songs. Why? What was the theme for this week? Pop Song Disasters for our time? Again, I didn’t love it but the judges love them all. Maybe the tuning from live singing to television isn’t right. Like sound waves or something. I’m serious because everyone sounds bleh! But she was probably second best so far… first being Ntsepa.

Who is this presenter? I’m trying to like her, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t. I can’t put my finger on it, but when I watch her I feel like scratching the skin off my arm, at least until I can see bone. Is this a good thing to be experiencing? Oh, she’s just said Cameron is up next and the girls seem to have gone ballistic. I think I remember him from last time… also I know Luwie loves him. Read the rest of this entry »

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Victory and Blood

Posted by lanktank on February 22, 2009

Well the Stormers game was a bittersweet victory. It was classic Stormers game plan, where we start a little rocky in the first 10 minutes, only to come back guns blazing just before half time. We enter the second half with a comfortable lead; in fact, only one more try and we’ll get a bonus point… but wait a minute, it’s just struck 60 minutes on the clock. You know what means; time to let the other team come back and score three tries. Thanks for that; let’s give all the fans a hernia while we’re at it. It didn’t end as badly as it could have… we did win…Thank you God…. and The Stormers…and Rassie.

Kappie’s birthday night out… I’m not sure if I’m ready to talk about it. I remember there was Jagermeister and then at some point, there was blood.

Skype lesson with the parentals… continues.  I decided we needed to take a break after Dee asked me, “Is the reason why we plug the earphones into the green hole because green means go? Like the traffic lights?”

It’s these moments, when you know they mean well, you have no right to be annoyed, so you just take a breath, smile an say; “Yes dad, it’s because green means go…”

M.O. also wanted to break to check out Idols. We’re on the top 14 I see. M.O. tells me Liza was the best and she likes Daniel I think. Dee wasn’t keen Susie and also liked Liza. But who will SA vote out? I know I’m on the edge of my seat.

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Movies and Parking

Posted by lanktank on December 10, 2008

So I was at the front where there’s water last night to see this movie that’s just been released in S.A. The movie is called Religulous and V & A Nouveau is the ONLY cinema showing it in the whole of Cape Town.

The movie is a comedy documentary, where Bill Maher (comedian) visits a variety of people from a variety of religions and asks them questions on their beliefs. It’s incredibly funny, thought provoking, raises the question of doubt and the fact that “We don’t really know everything.”

It’s a tragedy that not enough people are going to watch this movie, you know, it being in ONE cinema and all, but there’s a far, far graver concern here…

The price of parking at the Vic and Al’s front is outrageous! Sweet Lord, you could put down a deposit for a small house in the South of France with what you pay for 3 hours of parking there.

I mean, come on, I know it’s mainly a tourist destination but are they trying to shunt locals from there altogether? If this is the case, their plan is certainly working.

The cost of the movies there are also suicidal. I bought two tickets and because it was half price Tuesday’s only had to pay R67.50. So are they trying to tell me that it’s R67.50 for one ticket any other day? Moses smell the roses that’s a lot of cash! Are they delusional? And you wonder why people buy pirated DVD’s. Lower your mofo prices Shopping Malls, Ster Kinekor, Nu Metro, or whoever is responsible for this ridiculous price hike!

Oh, and speaking of pirating – How obnoxious is the advert we have to be subjected to before every single movie we watch? “You wouldn’t steal a handbag.” Oh, wouldn’t I? Who are you to tell me what I would or would not do? Maybe I have stolen handbag already (I haven’t) but you don’t know that!

Anyways, I think that’s enough venting for one day, if you can, you really should check out Religulous if for no other reason than a good laugh. But go on half price Tuesdays with a group of people, so when you pay for parking you can split the bill!

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