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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Taylor Lautner

Posted by lanktank on October 9, 2009

This guy’s not getting enough credit I feel. But I don’t live in the States, so what do I know?

I was watching Twilight again the other night as Fakeme had decided to rent it because she’d never seen it before and wanted to be apart of the phenomenon.

We watched it and being the females we are – we were riveted!

Anyway, we decided to check when the next Twilight installment was being released (looks like November) – and stumbled on this very picture below. Look who gets hot in the sequel? That’s right… Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner. And from an interview I saw, seems like a really, wholesome, sweetie too.


Shite… I just found out he was born in 1992! Sweet baby Jesus! This could be younger than GND’s Zac Efron fiasco! No matter… I stand by my pick. I do.

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