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Best Toilets

Posted by lanktank on August 25, 2009

I’m not sure what it is about toilets or bathrooms but everyone love a cool cubicle. Perhaps it’s because we see so many God awful ones that we learn to appreciate the places who put effort into their lavatories…. or maybe it’s just me?

Here’s a link with 35 of the coolest toilets out there…. you know you’re going to check it out…. you know you will:

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Back Baby!

Posted by lanktank on August 2, 2009


So, I’m back. Just flew in this evening, so please forgive my brief hello and I will write something of more substance once I have had more sleep.

The trip was splendid! How were things here? I see FirstChild attempted a Coup d’√Čtat in my absence. Tsk!

Brief highlights of the holiday, for those interested…a whole 6 of you:

– Praia De Barra was spectacular

– A guy name Charl who was a legend

– Coffee Bay hike that almost killed us, but in a good way

– A rum called Tipo Tinto

The rubbish bits:

– Maputo cops stopping us for bribes

– Getting stung by a Jelly Fish – typical LT, I know!

But more on all of this later…. sleep time now… must….sleep.

But, to leave you with some entertainment for a Monday morning, check out this site:

This should keep you entertained for at least 2 hours!

It’s a Luwie find, and it’s gold! Thanks Luwie…nice one!

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