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Anyone else? #11

Posted by lanktank on August 13, 2009

Anyone else ever get so deep into thought that by the time you’ve snapped out of it, you’re totally staring directly at someone else, who is angrily looking back at you like, “Hey, what the hell? Piss off already.” And now they think you’re a complete stalker or weirdo?

Anyone else really loving James Morrison at the moment? Is that not cool to confess? I’m not sure whether James Morrison falls under those musicians you’re not publicly allowed to admit you like?

Anyone else try the new Milo cereal? The bomb, right?

Anyone else feel like tequila?

Anyone else biting their nail as they read this?

Anyone else got something stuck on their eye but no matter how hard they try they cannot get it out? I know you’re in there “thing!!” Just come out already!!!

Anyone else even try blinking their eye in an egg holder cup filled with water? And still nothing?

Anyone else still reading this?

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