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Meet the crew: FirstChild

Posted by lanktank on January 22, 2009

I suppose I have to mention him, being family and all.

He’s the favourite, the one I that turn invisible when around, the one people say, “Why can’t you be more like him?” Even though, I’m not a boy….

It’s FirstChild… it also happens to be his birthday, and this is his profile below:



Name: FirstChild

Favourite film: Hearts of Darkness (the making of Apocalypse Now); Oh! What a Lovely War; anything by Wim Wenders;


Favourite reading: The Princeton Companion to Mathematics (a masterpiece); The Economic Consequences of the Peace (Keynes’ finest); L’etranger (need I say more), The Chastening (on the East Asian financial crisis – breathtaking, stunning, marvellous)


Favourite musical artists: Arvo Pärt (and other minimalist composers like Gorecki) ; Miles Davis, Radiohead, Tool, Souad Massi,


Things which interest me: Correcting fallacious Wikipedia entries; the history of the South African transition to democracy; watching online Itunes University video lectures; the Museum of Modern Art; Functional Analysis; financial crises (causes, impacts, repercussions)


A Fine Evening with a Romantic Partner: Shakespeare in the Park, a good meal at a fine French Restaurant, and stimulating conversation about Moral Philosophy.


3 People with whom I would like to dine: French Mathematician Alexandre Grothendieck (mathematician, pacifist, beekeeper), Laurence Olivier (to interrogate him on his favourite role), Trevor Manuel (I have a few suggestions)


Occupation: Still a Student


How do I know LT: This question should be inverted to “how does LT know me”. I guess she first got to know me when she was just the 2 weeks old – I swatted her head with a small wooden hammer and she has not really been the same since.


Favourite quote: De gustibus non est disputandum


Update: A few readers have emailed to ask me why I chose L’etranger, and not say La Peste or even La Chute. I direct these readers to my favourite quotation

yours in good faith,


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