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Posted by lanktank on May 25, 2009

Anything to avoid the studying… The things I have “needed” to do have been absurd:

1) During chapter 4 of my textbook I suddenly began to wonder, “where on earth is my Prodigy – Fat of the Land C.D?” Let’s forget the fact that I bought it over 10 years ago and haven’t listened to it in about 7 but this suddenly became priority #1. For the next 3 hours I was in my room on my hands and knees scrummaging through old boxes and back of cupboards to find the sacred Prodigy album! For those interested, I found it and listened to it. It was spectacular.

2) I decided to hang that picture frame above my chest of drawers which I’ve been meaning to do for roughly 7 months now. It came out great except for the relatively massive hole I drilled by accident. But like, you can only see it if you take down the picture… which I have now decided I never, ever will.

3) Checking out the old high school year book. Man, I wonder how some of these people are. What are they doing with their lives now? Probably not still trying to get their degree like me…part time… kill me now.

4) YouTube videos – oh wait a minute, no, not that. Because I’m CAPPED!

5) It’s time I learned how to bake bran muffins. All my friends can do this but me. I’m tired of being the ‘left out of the circle’ baker. Looking through recipe books to find the “perfect ingredients” was so excruciating, I gave up and went back to uploading “Prodigy – Fat of the Land” onto my iPod.

Wish me luck!!

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Weekend Plan

Posted by lanktank on May 18, 2009

How was everyone’s weekend? I trust splendid and superb. Although this weather is awfully vomit worthy. Yes, I spoke about the weather, sue me!

My weekend was meant to be a relatively chilled one, as I begin to ease myself in for the final stretch of studying before the big exam. Sounds fun, I know.

Instead, I went out on the town Friday night, stopping off at pretty much any bar along the way. Along the way to where you ask? I didn’t know either…

Saturday; DMeister, Baino, Hailstorm and I decided to visit a wine farm or two. And by “or two” I actually mean, “or 6.” We ended up at our local “once we’ve drunk an entire wine farm, we go there,” restaurant where we continued to drink more wine. You may think it rude of us for rocking up at a public place rather inebriated but the last time we were there, we weren’t, and the owner seemed rather disappointed in us. He queried what was wrong with us and said he didn’t know how to talk to us in this state of mind….uh, sober?

The evening ended up in a smoky pub were we drank beer and watched rugby. Actually I think the evening ended up at the petrol station with eggs and chocolate…

I woke up Sunday morning feeling rubbish but this was all part of my cunning plan. The plan being, I ruined my studying this weekend by going out on a heavy drinking spree. But now, I feel so guilty about it that I’ll work even harder for the last 10 days before the exam. Everytime I want to go out, or decide to watch a little more MTV than I should,  I’ll remember the three days I lost and continue ploughing through the crappy textbook. Thereby, studying more than I would have with the extra three days… which would have involved far more procrastination.

Full proof plan? I think so.

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