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FirstChild returneth…again

Posted by lanktank on August 14, 2009

The rumours are true… FirstChild is coming back – just for 2 weeks mind you, but he’ll be here nevertheless.

Luwie will also be making his way into the land that is the Cape very shortly… oohh little reunions all round!

Votes close for the June polls hotties – so please vote, vote, vote! (On the Take Your PIck page)

I’m sorted with SARS – turns out I won’t have to skip the country.

Swine Flu is among us….

Taxi Violence CD launch tonight… I will be attending…

Have a good weekend! And chat to you peeps Monday!

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Voting time…April needs winners

Posted by lanktank on April 30, 2009


The polls are up on the Take Your Pick page. I’m not sure who’s going to take it this month!

I definitely know my poor Emile will come nowhere. GND does have The Johnny on her side too…

Guys, for “I’d tap that” could be a tight race, although again, you never know.

Get a votin’ people, we need winners!

Speaking of winners… Idol’s final this weekend I heard. Who we routing for here? Jason?

Another long weekend guys…. God! How brutal is next week’s 5 day week going to be? I’m already feeling a flu of sorts coming down… maybe swine?

Enjoy these 3 days…. with long weeks ahead, recession and winter… these 3 days are all we’re going to have to look back on and smile for a while… make the most of them.

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