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Guy I wouldn’t kick outta bed – Thierry Henry

Posted by lanktank on May 8, 2009


Girl Next Door…. has left. Not The Lank Tank, but the country! Another loss to the London Land.  However, it’s only temporary but I’ll let her tell you all about her London life and experiences once she’s settled and sorted.

So, to commemorate this farewell I have picked a UK hottie for us to perve over. Except I couldn’t find any so I went for a guy in their neighbouring country: Thierry Henry.

From the land of the French, he’s only a Eurostar trip away! And my my my he is divine, can play some serious football (Go Barcelona! Kick United’s arses!) and let’s not forget the accent… VA VA VOOM! See what I just did there?

Hmmm, remember that advert? Renault was it? Damn, I could have used this in Remember The Classics. You see, he made that advert memorable… another reason for him to be chosen for this week’s Guy I wouldn’t kick outta bed.

GND: This one’s for you.


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