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E-Liarable Bachelor

Posted by lanktank on October 14, 2009

A post by Kappie

While I’m walking past the television, I happen to hear that a certain programme has a competition for the most eligible bachelor. Sounding insane to you? No?

Okay, so I presume there are going to be a number of single men, who all work out, have successful careers and ‘care’ for the environment. This is fine, but do we need an award for them?

First of all WHY are they still single? Do they secretly have the filthiest mouths alive? Built like Ken of the Barbie fame (as in no tackle or berries)? Have candy floss for brains and have only managed to get where they are based on their looks? I mean it is a little known fact that pretty people are more successful. Jimbo told me that.

The most obvious reason why these men are single is that they must be gay. Right? But I’m sure even gay men would find them attractive. So, why the singleness?

Perhaps if they spent a little less time in the gym and on lame television programmes they’d found someone already. Maybe they’re liars and aren’t single, but the television programme told them to say that so more women would watch. Check for wedding ring marks on their fingers ladies.

It basically boils down to even though C-Dawg and Kappie are single; we’re still not winning the eligible bachelor award. And who would want to? “Well done! You’ve just won this award for being the guy who shouldn’t be single the most, but IS! Lube is behind the stage…wanker!”

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Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed – Scott Speedman

Posted by lanktank on June 3, 2009

An LT Pick

Seriously, I think this guy is hot.

For the less “TV buffed” among us, he first came onto our screens, starring as Ben in the teen drama series, Felicity.

Let’s be honest, he was the only thing that made that show bearable most of the time. Although if a channel brought the repeats back, I wouldn’t totally watch it! Hint hint, nudge, wink. Has anyone ever done all three of those when they are attempting to be subtle? Surely, a hint, nudge and wink all in one go is not subtle at all? A gentle nod would probably be better.

But let’s get back onto the point: Scott – More recently than Felicity days, he was also the Werewolf in the Underworld movies and his latest film being The Strangers, co-starring Liv Tyler.

The man has great hair, a too cute smile and looks awesome in a checked shirt. Need I say more?


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Z News

Posted by Carl Schutte on April 20, 2009

This article was brought to you by C-Dawg

The show the SABC didn’t want you to see:

Read the article while you let the video buffer…

Don’t even get me started on South Africa’s fantastic, high-speed bandwidth!

Usually I find our local humour lame and extremely forced, but Zapiro isn’t too bad.

I actually think this show had some potential and, given the nature of our politics, I don’t think they would’ve run out of material for a very long time.

Oh! Which reminds me, don’t forget to vote!

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SA Idols 2009 Review

Posted by lanktank on February 8, 2009

Idols is back in our South African lives and it’s Season 5 of the show. Season 5, man time flies. The first and last season I ever watched of SA Idols was the one where Anke won. Remember her? Of course you don’t.

But that was years ago and I felt it not right to make my little Idols jokes without giving it another go. It’s addictive, I remember that. So my concern is that I might be committing myself to something I’ll eventually end up resenting (Can anyone say Dawson’s Creek?) but it’s been a few years and maybe aspects of the show have changed. Just as people grow and progress, T.V. shows can do that too.

According to my mother, the show started a week ago. So forgive me, I’m a tad behind. But I’m sitting here at 17:20, at my parent’s house on a Sunday afternoon and I’m feeling positive. What does SA have to offer? Read the rest of this entry »

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