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The hypothetical – Superheros

Posted by lanktank on May 19, 2009

If you could be any known superhero who would you be and why?

LT: Storm – She can control the weather. I love talking about the weather. Now, imagine the two combined… I know, kiffness. Also, I could make sure all the pollen is kept far away from me. The pollen count in Cape Town is quite high and I have really bad allergies, so to be able to control that instead of being stuck on Allergex for the rest of my life, would be a real cost saver.

C-Dawg: Iceman – Well, you’re guaranteed to be a hit at parties, even if it’s just to keep the drinks cold. You can also do your famous “walking on water” trick… just like Jesus. The important thing is, you’re getting your foot in the door and that means opportunity to meet babes. Also, you can always put out fires (even the metaphorical ones); chicks love firemen… enough said.

Kappie: First off, I’d be Boobie-man if I could make up a superhero. I’m not sure what powers he’d have exactly, but they would involve boobies. Other than that it would have to be Batman. He’s super even without super powers. How cool is that? Plus he’s a billionaire and I’m sure that black suit will attract some crazy weird, messed up girls. High 5!

FirstChild: Professor Charles Francis Xavier – He controls things just with the power of his big brain. He studied at Oxford. He’s got a cool accent.

GND: I’d be Black Widow – Not sure on the super powers but she has the raddest outfit ever!

DMeister: Think that if I had to be a superhero I’d definitely go with Ironman – He might not be superhero per se, but when he’s in┬áthat suit he’s pretty much invincible, and he doesn’t have any negative side effects, like being green or not being able to touch people…etc. He has loads of money but doesn’t have to hide his identity like Batman. And unlike Batman, he actually enjoys his money. He drives fast cars and hangs out with famous models. I don’t know what better past times there could be. So I’m going with Ironman! I might not love the red and yellow colours but at least he can change his clothes and just be a normal guy again.

Who would you be?

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Integrity or Friendship?

Posted by lanktank on May 11, 2009

I suppose it was bound to happen sometime and even though I thought I was prepared for it, it’s harder than I ever could have imagined…

Fakeme…got…Crocs. Nnnooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Why did one of my friends have to go and do that? And not just a friend, my housemate! Someone I share a bathroom and marmalade with every single day.

Oh, she has her “reasons;” Her and Kleppie are going on the Otter Trail in Storm’s River and she needs them for hiking through the river and rock bits. She also noted that she got them on discount and would never have paid the full price. But are these excuses really good enough? And then we go see a movie the other night, (Slumdog Millionaire…I rated it) and as we’re walking out the door, I look down and guess what she’s wearing? The Crocs!

So, I’m guessing they’re not just for hiking now but for all purpose, casual evening wear too. Why did she have to go and buy them? What do I do now? I suppose disown her as a friend. The problem is that we live together, I also do rather like her, but she owns Crocs!

The only plus is that she didn’t purchase Crocs in one of their really offensive colours, like those bright pink or green highlighter colours they have on offer. So when one looks at us perhaps walking to the movies together, they may not be immediately drawn to the fact that she’s wearing a pair or plastic, clog shaped, clown shoes with deliberate holes inserted over the entire top half of the shoe.

The negative now is that she torments me with them every day. Last week I opened the cupboard where I keep my cereal and guess what fell onto my face? Her left Croc!

Damn you Fakeme… Damn you!

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