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Results and Request

Posted by lanktank on November 13, 2009


Of the September 2009 polls….

And the winner of the “I’d tap that” poll is… drum roll…. DMeister! With his pick of Jennifer Ellison! You remember her, right? She’s from the UK and is not only an actress but a model and potential singer too? Still not? She had the blonde hair and the really big boobs in the white dress? Ah, yes, just needed to jog your memory.

Anyway, second place was FirstChild with Nicole Scherzinger and Kappie’s Pamela Anderson coming in 3rd. C-Dawg was dead last with Ivanka Trump. She scored zero in fact. C-Dawg, you didn’t even vote for her. How do you expect others too?

And for the GIWKOB…. the winner for September…. a TIE! 50% each. It seems the world is equally split between vampires and rugby players. Interesting. Nice contending Luwie… we’ll see what the battle for October brings.


The October polls are up! Click on the Take Your Pick tab at the top of this page and get a votin’!

I’m going to put it out there. Out of the girl picks: I don’t think DMeister’s going to take this month. October has some stiff contenders and I think we’re in for a surprise.

Prediction for the  boy picks: Luwie has some strong choices. It should be in the bag, but you never know.

Good luck to all. And Godspeed.

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Vote for September

Posted by lanktank on October 16, 2009

OK, so we’re a little late getting these polls up but work, exams, drinking heavily… it’s all taking its toll.

However, they are now there! Click on the Take Your Pick tab and cast your vote!

For the guys, it’s between that famous chick from the UK who I’ve never actually seen in anything, that famous chick from Baywatch, that famous chick from her dad or that famous chick dating Lewis Hamilton.

For the girls, it’s only two this month I’m afraid… but this means your vote will be easy because you’re not spoiled for choice? Right? Maybe? Anyway, it’s between the hot Vampire guy from True Blood… come on, Vampire phenomenon people… or, that really good looking guy that plays rugby… tight shorts and all!

You decide!

Got vote!

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July Winners and August Polls

Posted by lanktank on September 15, 2009

Aloha! I know, why am I saying hello in Hawaiian when I’m not in Hawaii? Exactly, my point exactly.

I was in the shops and the lady in front of me said Aloha to the teller, then preceded to be very bossy in her demands… but very clearly was not from Hawaii herself. It bugged me… I’m not sure why.

Moving on….

The winners of the July polls…. for the first time since the inception of “I’d tap that,” the winner, with 100% of the vote nogal! A Mr Kappie! He has taken the month with his pick of Eliza Dushku… Well done Kappie.

And for the Guy We Wouldn’t Kick Out of Bed – The hot model I just googled….Brett Novak! I think that was in the bag really…. the man is insanely hot.

Congrats to all but the challenge for August is now on… polls are up on the “Take Your Pick” page, so get a clicking! There can be…only one…..”Here we are…born to be free, we’re the princes of the universe…..”

(I miss that show)

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Winners and polls

Posted by lanktank on August 20, 2009

Sorry about this… it’s all a little late and a little disorganised. But with no further ado, let’s get to the winners of the, eh hem, June Polls:

For “I’d Tap That” the reigning winner, once again, DMeister! With his pick: Kelly Monaco. What can we say, DMeister seems to know what the men out there want. At a glance, it would seem that its boobs. Congrats. But special mention must be made to both Christina Aguilera and Jessica Biel for being close runner-ups. DMeister won with 40% of the vote.

For the “Guy We Wouldn’t Kick Outta Bed” it gets a little complicated…. since I was the only one selecting that month. The winner was Scott Speedman! Woohoo! Who would have thunk it? But I will not be accepting the June win as… there was no actual “competing” to speak of…. however, GND is back in action so hopefully we can pick it up again!


And the polls are up for July!

In the running:

I’d tap that: We have that chick from House, that chick that “Brung It On,” that chick from Australia or that chick from the Bob Saget phenomenon: Full House…all grown up…sorta.

Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed: We have the Ironman, the torturer from Lost, that HOT model who was just googled and The Beast.

The choice is yours… now go and vote!

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The May Poll Is Up

Posted by lanktank on June 5, 2009

Time to vote again!

And this month, I really don’t know who it’s going to be?

The Guys on the poll: Will it be an accomplished, oscar winning actor, a sexy soccer legend, perhaps a serious but oh so hot super hero? Or will it be the good looking, “Mr Perfect” brain surgeon?

And the Girls: A largely-breasted super model, a young teen comedian all grown up, maybe the Transformers girl (and voted sexiest female by some magazine). Or will it be the brains and the beauty combo, Harvard graduate and actress?

You decide…. on the Take Your Pick Page.

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Voting time…April needs winners

Posted by lanktank on April 30, 2009


The polls are up on the Take Your Pick page. I’m not sure who’s going to take it this month!

I definitely know my poor Emile will come nowhere. GND does have The Johnny on her side too…

Guys, for “I’d tap that” could be a tight race, although again, you never know.

Get a votin’ people, we need winners!

Speaking of winners… Idol’s final this weekend I heard. Who we routing for here? Jason?

Another long weekend guys…. God! How brutal is next week’s 5 day week going to be? I’m already feeling a flu of sorts coming down… maybe swine?

Enjoy these 3 days…. with long weeks ahead, recession and winter… these 3 days are all we’re going to have to look back on and smile for a while… make the most of them.

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Reminder on the guys and girls polls

Posted by lanktank on April 6, 2009

Just a quick note to say the “I’d tap that” poll for March, is up on the Take Your Pick page. So get a ‘votin!

I’m going to go with an early prediction and say Dmeister’s gonna take it with Adriana Lima… but that’s just me.

Also, for the ladies, we’re still taking in votes for the “Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed” for March. I thought GND’s Milo Ventimiglia was going to win with a landslide but current results are not showing us this…. maybe all the late voters will tip it for him.

If you have any suggestions for hotties we’re not thinking of, by all means send us your suggestions: lanktankstuff[@]gmail[dot]com

Keep it real…alive…er…word.

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Poll results for March for I’d Tap That

Posted by lanktank on March 25, 2009

So the votes are in! It was all pretty close but it looks like Kate Beckinsale has taken the cake! (Although she probably didn’t eat it, because you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Also with a body like hers, I doubt her personal trainer would allow her to even have a third of the cake).

Congrats to C-Dawg, who picked this beauty… it’s 1-nil to him guys, you other three better up your game. Oh! For all you “numbers and figures” people out there, she won by 40% of the vote.

In the meantime, the “Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed” poll for March is up… so go to the Take Your Pick page and get a-votin’ although I think it’s safe to say GND has this one in the bag with Milo from Heroes….that picture was a gem find. Biyatch!

But we don’t decide, you decide…just like in SA Idols… although in that case, can anyone say: “Maybe, possibly, just might be, rigged?”

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Anybody else? #4

Posted by lanktank on March 24, 2009

Anybody else feel like there’s always someone watching you, especially during the awkward times?

Anybody else try eat a salad gracefully but fail miserably every time? Maybe even get a little salad dressing on your T-shirt?

Anybody else voting this April?

Anybody else stoked its a public holiday that day?

Anybody else feel like doing the funky chicken? Me neither.

Anybody else ever check their phone because you’re positive you heard it beep but when you reach for it, it’s blank?

Anybody else seen the movie Watchmen and not think it was Shite? It wasn’t shite.

Anybody else ever think there’s still time to become really good at a particular sport, you know, one of those arbitary ones, and make the Olympics?

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Anybody else? #3

Posted by lanktank on March 13, 2009

Anybody else know there’s only one more week of voting for the SA Blog Awards?

Anybody else voting for The Lank Tank?

Anybody else thinking about how great it would be if The Lank Tank won “Best New Blog” or “Most Humourous Blog” or “Best Group Blog”

Anybody else want to tell everyone they know (even if they don’t like them very much) to vote for The Lank Tank?

Anybody else want to send those people (even the ones they don’t like very much) a link to go vote?

Anybody else think I’ve taken this joke to the next level?

Anybody else think I’ve crossed the line of funny to sad?

Anybody else still reading?

If you vote… GND will take off her top…

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