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What to say

Posted by lanktank on April 24, 2009

What to say, what to say…

This has been a useless week I know!

But the madness that occurred has been abundant…

Friend from Jo’burg has arrived.

Work has decided to have sex with me up the arse and give me 13 deadlines for the end of next week! Eh hem, we have two public holidays that week, do they know this? Not that I’m complaining about the holidays. Good God no!

Voting… who’s queue was long? I had to wait…. like in a line. And then the lady smothered my entire thumb with that ink! Friend from Jo’burg got a light dab on the tip of her nail. I have a mark so large it looks like an infection has spread to the joint of my thumb and it needs to be amputated immediately.

Ok, I know I’m always talking about the weather and some people may think that is lame but I mean come on! One day it’s freakin boiling and then the next Mother Nature decides, “You know what? Fuck you Cape Town, with your sunny weather and your warm beaches, not to mention your happy smiles and free-flowing dresses… I’m bringing winter early this year…OVERNIGHT!” It’s like literally a switch was flicked and now we live in darkness. I had to wake up 20 minutes earlier this morning – it was so dark, I wanted to vomit.

I have to go watch IPL this Saturday – predicted to rain! Superb.

I have “Guy I wouldn’t kick out of bed” coming up later today… let’s hope it’s not another butchering like poor Emile…

Have a lekker lank naweek mense.

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Anyone else? #6

Posted by lanktank on April 19, 2009

Anyone else still watching Grey’s Anatomy, but not sure why?

Anyone else feel like Monday’s are just always there? Like all the time… Monday, Monday, Monday! They’re almost like every week or something!

Anyone else feel like if Wednesday wasn’t a public holiday (even though it is a voting day), they would maybe have to jump off the Absa Building?

Anybody else watch that Susan Boyle YouTube clip in Britain’s Got Talent?

Anybody else starting to get a little worried that summer seriously might be over?

Anybody else heard the lyrics to that “Kiss me through the phone” song? Jesus… aren’t they bad? And how do you kiss someone through the phone? And are we talking tongue here?

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