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Capped mofos!

Posted by lanktank on May 22, 2009

I’ve been capped.

Not “Gansta” capped like, “I’ll put a cap in your ass mutha f@cka!”

And not “peak” capped like someone throwing thousands of baseball, trucker and military hats at my head.

But rather, internet capped! For those of you living overseas (i.e. not in South Africa) this term “internet capping” may not be familiar to you. “What does she mean internet capping? Internet is limitless, isn’t it? I literally watch TV shows, movies and download 100’s of albums off the internet every day. Is this not normal?”

Well, it is… EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD. But not in the land of S Africa. Not here where we wait 15 minutes just to watch a 2 minute clip on YouTube. Trying to watch Susan Boyle on Britain’s got Talent turned out to be a painful experience rather than a “feel-good” one. It doesn’t really seem worth it, does it?

Anyway, considering it’s only the 21st of May… I have 10 days until my internet is restored…please excuse me if the blog isn’t as up to date as it should be…. apologies. There will still be posts though!

On the bright side, I have learned from this error and in the future, will watch less videos on parrots talking and monkey’s singing… oh wait a minute, that’s not me, that’s C-Dawg….

Later Vaders…..

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Just a regular everyday normal guy….genius

Posted by lanktank on April 21, 2009

FirstChild sent me this and I actually laughed out loud… and I didn’t just type LOL… I really reeeeally laughed to the point where sound came out my mouth… not just a chuckle but a heartily laugh… you know what I’m talking about. And then you feel weird because you’re by yourself and have no one to share the moment with… So I’m sharing it with you.

For those of you who won’t be able to see this video because you’re at work and they block YouTube videos, I urge to you check it out at home, or if you don’t have internet access at your own house… go sponge off a friend or a parent.

It’s by Jon Lajoie. We’ve had him on here before. And he’s back, ‘cos it’s funny:

There’s a sequel… and it may even be better than the first but I can’t decide, it’s close. Find it; you must! It’s for your own good.

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Paedophile Beards

Posted by lanktank on February 19, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by GND

Today is what I like to call crazy Thursday. Generally people around me – including my work colleagues and I – start to go a little mental. Sitting in front of a pc the whole week, working towards deadlines, it’ll do things to you.

On days like these I like to peruse youtube during my lunch hour. That’s a lie; I do it everyday, and not on my lunch. Anyway due to being partly non-functional today as I’m STILL trying to recover from the insane day that was Tuesday (HOW hot was it?! I know!) I’ve got a little present for you. I’m sure most of us are familiar with Jon Lajoie (careful, it’s pronounced Lah-jwah), and if you’re not, pretend that you are; this is one of my personal favourites.

Did you enjoy that?


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