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Mystery Sign

Posted by Carl Schutte on February 9, 2009

This blog entry was brought to you by C-Dawg

So, there I was walking around the waterfront, when suddenly I came across this massive sign. This thing is the size of a small continent… OK, a very small continent… like St Martin in the Caribbean. Yes, I know it’s an island, but this isn’t a lesson about Geography, so just go with it!

I think signs are great and I always try to obey them, but you usually need to know what they actually mean. So, could somebody please tell me what this one means?


I think it’s a wheel with chains around it stuck in an aqueduct. I know they put chains around their tyres in Canada when they drive through snow. I don’t think they have any aqueducts though. Come to think of it, we don’t have snow or aqueducts in the waterfront, so what is this sign doing there?!

I think the government fell for some prank call. It was probably late one night and they called into one of those TV shows, you know the kind:

“…but wait, if you call now, we’ll also throw in a couple of free road signs!”

That must be it, we have surplus Canadian road signs strategically placed all over South Africa… I’m officially taking suggestions for this sign, and if you come across some weird ones, send them through to us!

C-Dawg over & out

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Movies and Parking

Posted by lanktank on December 10, 2008

So I was at the front where there’s water last night to see this movie that’s just been released in S.A. The movie is called Religulous and V & A Nouveau is the ONLY cinema showing it in the whole of Cape Town.

The movie is a comedy documentary, where Bill Maher (comedian) visits a variety of people from a variety of religions and asks them questions on their beliefs. It’s incredibly funny, thought provoking, raises the question of doubt and the fact that “We don’t really know everything.”

It’s a tragedy that not enough people are going to watch this movie, you know, it being in ONE cinema and all, but there’s a far, far graver concern here…

The price of parking at the Vic and Al’s front is outrageous! Sweet Lord, you could put down a deposit for a small house in the South of France with what you pay for 3 hours of parking there.

I mean, come on, I know it’s mainly a tourist destination but are they trying to shunt locals from there altogether? If this is the case, their plan is certainly working.

The cost of the movies there are also suicidal. I bought two tickets and because it was half price Tuesday’s only had to pay R67.50. So are they trying to tell me that it’s R67.50 for one ticket any other day? Moses smell the roses that’s a lot of cash! Are they delusional? And you wonder why people buy pirated DVD’s. Lower your mofo prices Shopping Malls, Ster Kinekor, Nu Metro, or whoever is responsible for this ridiculous price hike!

Oh, and speaking of pirating – How obnoxious is the advert we have to be subjected to before every single movie we watch? “You wouldn’t steal a handbag.” Oh, wouldn’t I? Who are you to tell me what I would or would not do? Maybe I have stolen handbag already (I haven’t) but you don’t know that!

Anyways, I think that’s enough venting for one day, if you can, you really should check out Religulous if for no other reason than a good laugh. But go on half price Tuesdays with a group of people, so when you pay for parking you can split the bill!

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